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I’m back but elsewhere!

Posted by trixie on March 13, 2010

Hi  fellow bloggers, a lot of you know I’ve started blogging up again but on my old blog, back to my old name.  If you don’t know it and want to follow it, just email me at It’s great to be back to my old roots!

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Posted by trixie on May 31, 2009

…is just wondering who still has this blog on their feeders?

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All good things come to an end…

Posted by trixie on April 17, 2009

After two and a half years of blogging, it’s time I said…seeya. 

I’ve been limping along in blogland for quite awhile now and it’s quite painful to do that.  I don’t like to do things by halves, I do it full heartedly or not at all and I’ve chosen the latter.

So I would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to read me over the years, I’ve made some great friends which I intend to keep.  If I don’t already have you on my real life facebook, please email me, I’m happy to see you there, plus I’m also keeping Trixie twitter going, because there are times I wanna say stuff there that I can’t on FB. 

So…I guess this is farewell, but not goodbye. (I’m sure I’ll still be reading some blogs, I wont be able to help myself!)

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I wouldn’t want to run away with THIS Circus!

Posted by trixie on April 11, 2009


 I’m back, but not for long!

It was a lovely time had by all in Norfolk with Jane and all the kids.  So nice to get away for a few days. We were very lucky with the weather with it only raining while we were in the van.  The kids even went for a paddle in the sea!  I wasn’t even brave enough to put my toes in the water. It’s got to be above 20 degrees for me to even THINK about going anywhere near water!  I’m just happy to sit in the sund and watch the kids play.

I guess the highlight of the trip was going to the circus! My kids hadn’t been before and neither had Jane or her children.  The circus was in spitting distance of the caravan site we were on and had a special ‘Credit Crunch Wednesdays with tickets for £5 so we thought we would make the most of it.

As a kid I used to go to the circus all the time, as mum used to get free tickets through the radio station she worked at.  I loved them and have very fond memories…the clowns, the trapeze artists, the elephants, lions, tigers horses, performing dogs.  I can smell the circus now…the hay and animals.  The big top was just that…HUGE!  Oh and the food…you MUST have a dagwood dog (battered saveloy on a stick dipped in tomato sauce) and candy floss.  Before the circus you could walk around and see all the animals in their cages, then have a go on the ‘clowns’. You know the game…the clown head that goes side to side and you pop ping pong balls into the mouth and watch the balls go down on to little alleys numbered on an even, and you would win a prize every time. 

I know it wouldn’t be the same as when I was a child, now animals have been banned from performing. That was my favourite part, but I know it’s for the animals welfare.  I promised the kids all the other stuff would still be there.

As we entered the grounds I noticed the big top didn’t look that big.  Maybe its because I’m not that small anymore?  There also wasn’t any side shows to speak of, apart from one ‘victorian’ knife swallower and electric chair, that you had to pay £2.50 for, which was on after the circus.  Of course, there were no animals to look at either.

We walked straight into the big top and at the entrance was a hot food van (no dagwoods though, don’t do them in the UK, that’s an Aussie thing) followed by a popcorn and candy floss cart.  At least there was candy floss!  I noticed the guy serving had make up on.  Hmmm…I guess he’s in one of the acts. 

We managed to get seats in the second row from the front (not hard to do, the place was only half full) and settled in.  I noticed the circus smell didn’t exist any more.  No animals = no hay had to be put down. 

The lights went low then the ring master came out and the circus began…   

It was quite naff. 

There was only one clown (even though the website mentions two)  and he wasn’t that funny.

There was only one trapeze artist. I was suprised to even see that, because the tent wasn’t even big enough for her to be caught at the other end by another artist.  But Really…what’s the point of just one?

The juggler dropped his balls.

The hula hoop girl kept dropping her hoops.

In fact about half the acts all made mistakes.  I guess that’s why there was no knife throwing act!

None of these acts would even make it on ‘Britains got talent’. 

At the interval, I noticed all the acts were the ones selling the drinks, food and toys.  Yes, the guy selling the candy floss was the grand finale!

It was really quite sad to see the stars of the circus also doing all the meanial jobs…times have come that hard it’s the only way they can afford to go on.

Over all, the kids enjoyed themselves and said they wouldn’t mind going to a circus again, but I would make sure it was a different one, definitely bigger, and see the difference.

Have all circus’s become this bad, or was this just worst of them all?


Right I’m off again.  Just like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. 

You’ll find me in the pub for the next three days…no not propping up the bar, working behind it!

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Posted by trixie on April 7, 2009


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This little piggy went to market…

Posted by trixie on April 6, 2009

I had such a lovely day Sunday. It didn’t start off that well, because I only had about 5 hours sleep before my bladder forced me to get out of bed at 6.30 in the morning, and I couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to get up.

Never have I EVER been up at that hour on a Sunday morning (unless still up from the night before).

So I decided to get out of bed and do things.

Then I remembered something I definitely never get to do on a Sunday morning.  That’s be the first person to read DJ Kirby’s blog and win a signed book from her author of the week.

Guess what?  I was actually on her site before she even posted it!!!  Luckily I kept checking her blog and managed to get the book!  I think Deej nearly fell over in shock to see me up at that hour.

Then I did another first…

I went to the farmers market that is on in my town once a month.  Once again, I’m never up in time or too hung over to go to it.

So the boys and I walked down to the market square (by 10am!)  and had a nice time tasting different cheeses, sauces etc.  It’s good to support the local farm/food businesses.  We bought some turkey sausages, freshly made curry sauce, Balsamic dressing, sheeps cheese, honey,  honey fudge, potatoes and eggs.  The only problem about this little bundle…is the price.  I spent nearly £25.   It was worth it for the boys though, trying different foods and getting excited about eating it (we had the sausages for dinner tonight, they loved them!)


Then it was cooking the Sunday roast as Myn and her daughters came over for the afternoon.  I haven’t been able to catch up with Myn in weeks as her mother has been poorly with heart problems. Myn spends a lot of her spare time doing chores for her. She has to have an operation but no date has been set yet and because of the recovery period, Myn couldn’t book the trip to Las Vegas with us in October as her mum may not be well enough to look after her daughters.  This is such a shame as it was Myn’s idea to go to Vegas in the first place.

So it was really special to spend this time with Myn.  We chatted away catching up on all the goss, played on the Wii, and Myn helped me make the DVD for the competition mentioned in the last post.  Next thing you know it’s 7pm!

So an extremely lovely weekend was had spent with my two best mates (Jane on the Saturday night) and no booze was consumed!

So sorry if you expected to pop here and find bad behaviour happening. 

Dare I say it….things are just ‘normal’. 

And I’m liking it that way.



Ooooo….update…forgot I wanted to post this from today.

I picked up my pay from the pub today, two weeks worth of pay slips.  The boss Sarah handed them to me and said as she was rushing out the door…’if there’s a mistake, just leave a note and let me know.’  Sarah says this normally when she is giving me more than one pay slip, in case there is an error, especially when I do extra shifts to my normal.  There’s only ever been one error, where it was a pound short, because it fell out of the envelope.

When I opened one of the weeks, it had £40 more in it than it should.  I was a bit confused.  The second envelope was correct.  I shouldn’t have gotten any extra money that week, because I had been paid on the day for the extra shift I did.

Little devil on one shoulder said to me…

RESULT! I thought.  Their mistake, not mine!

Little angel on other side…

It’s not your money. 


Yeah but you put up with a lot of crap with G.


But you get other benefits, like free drinks. Sometimes you even give drinks away that aren’t yours to give.


That £40 will come in handy on the trip away with the kids tomorrow.


But if you keep it, karma will come and bite you on the butt.  Your car might break down or something..and the money you got this way will be spent on a bill you didn’t expect.


Go on, keep it.  They aren’t going to miss it.


But she said to leave a note if there was a problem with the pay…what if this is a set up to see if I’m trustworthy?


Oh FFS, she wouldn’t do that!  She just knows she can make mistakes!


Exactly, it’s a mistake she didn’t mean to make…she put in 4 £20 notes instead of 2 £10 notes.  She was probably exhausted from working so hard all week.  She’ll appreciate you being honest!


I put the £40 in an envelope and left a note with it telling Sarah she had overpaid me.  I left it with Bab’s the staff member who took over my shift and explained to her what happened.

‘You fool, you should have kept it!’

‘My conscience wouldn’t let me.’

Who would you have listened to? The devil or the angel?

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Am I a loose woman?

Posted by trixie on April 5, 2009

I’ve just got back from Jane’s house, and I’m pleased to say…she hasn’t had a drink since last weekend.  She’s really trying hard, and I’m proud of her, as she is of herself.  We had a BBQ and played cards for the evening, while the kids played outside.   LOVELY weather!  Bud came over, absolutely slaughtered (by 9pm) and Jane was so happy it wasn’t her and it opened her eyes.   I’m happy she’s so positive about quitting drinking, as I’m away with her and the kids from Tuesday to Friday, we are going to her folks ‘caravan’ for a few days.  This will be really hard for the two of us, because we’ll be on ‘holiday’ out of town away from trouble.  But we’ll also have the kids so can’t get up to any mischief anyway!  When we get back  I told Jane I would go to an STD clinic with her to get tested. I know I’m clear of anything…just going to give her moral support.

On another note, yesterday myself and Jane were having a coffee, and I was telling her how excited I got over ordering a COMPOST bin of all things.  Since I’m no longer drinking, I have so much more energy and time to do things, so I’m going to attack my garden this year, instead of hiring someone else to tidy it up!  I was jumping for JOY that I picked up a compost bin for a tenner!  As I’m telling Jane the story, she says to me…

‘You should be on Loose Women!’

I looked at her and laughed.

‘Why do you reckon that?’

‘Because they launched on today’s show they are looking for a new presenter..and what they are looking for…described you!’


‘Yeah, you’re really opinionated!’

I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

So I had a look at the website and sure enough there is a competition on looking for a ‘loose woman.’  To enter you have to send in a DVD of yourself, portraying your personality in no more than 60 seconds.

Tonight Jane told me I should definitely enter it.  But what the hell do I bleeding say? One thing they suggest is a funny story.  So I said to Jane…

‘Maybe I should tell them what I did last night.’

‘What was that?’

‘Well, I was tidying up the dining room table last night and you know how kids leave their yogurt pot lids lying about, and you’ve JUST got to lick the lid…’

‘No, because my kids always lick the lids.’

‘Yeah well so do mine.  That should have been a warning to me. I picked up this lid and just automatically licked it…only to discover it was nivea moisturising  cream.’


‘Yeah, I did.  I received a little free sample pot of the stuff in the post that morning and took the lid off and left it on the table.  I was bloody retching just TASTING this horrible stuff and scraped my tongue like mad!  I had some freshly cut pineapple chunks on hand so ate that to get rid of the taste, which it did immediately.  Then I remembered…of course that worked because… when… you know… men drink pineapple juice that makes their white cream taste better!’

‘Eeeeewwww….HAHAHAHAHA….ohmygod you’ve gotta tell that story!’


If only I had recorded that conversation with Jane  then it would have been done! 

So…do I enter it? 

I’ve turned forty and in the middle of turning my life majorly around. One of the judges on the panel is presenter Sherrie Hewson…who I met in the middle of nowhere in Spain the day before my 40th, who told me my life was just about to begin.

Is that a sign or what?

UPDATE: I’m getting the go aheads to do it so far from you guys, but should I do what I’ve written? Is it funny enough? (Was thinking of telling the story to Myn to have someone to bounce off of instead of telling it to the camera all on my own) Or should I say something else?  Any ideas what I could do in 60 seconds to stand out? (check out the competition link to see exactly what they are after if you want to give me advice!)

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My pet peeve…

Posted by trixie on April 2, 2009

Where have manners gone?

My pet peeve…

…what’s yours?

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Winner of Wordless Wednesday…

Posted by trixie on April 2, 2009

Winner of this weeks Wordless Wednesday is…

Craig Andrew with..

Trixie’s thumper taking a well deserved break. C;)

Hehehe…if only!

Wear your badge with pride!


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Tickle Trixie’s fancy…

Posted by trixie on April 1, 2009


…by leaving a caption in the comments.

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